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You have no prior knowledge on how to put your ideas into a systematic plan.

You want to minimize your time and effort .

You desire more control and ownership

You want to control all the moolahs in your business.

You want accessibility from anywhere and anytime.

You want to easily download or share with anybody and anywhere.

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FAQ’s - We put your mind to rest!

What is bizjumper?

You have your next big business idea, but clueless on what to do next? Formulating your next big business pitch and extensive plan is never that simple.bizJumper simplifies this problem by providing an online solution that can help shape up your idea into a successful startup and help financial community can leverage this platform to create volume based and extensive business plans for their end customers

Is there a free trial ?

Absolutely! bizjumper gives you an opportunity to create a free signup without giving your credit card details with no trial period!

What happens when monthly subscription expires?

You will get an email notification on subscription expiry from our team who will love to find out how the tool is shaping up your ideas into reality! Based upon your requirement you can renew or upgrade your subscription.

Can i get a refund ?

Can I get a refund ? There is no refund policy. Once you subscribe for a monthly plan you cannot request for refund.

How secure is my data ?

Your personal and business data will be fully safe and secure with our systems. No one will have access to your data unless you choose to share it.

Which browsers can i use ?

We support multi browsers such as - Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Internet Explorer only.

Can i use bizjumper on my ipad ?

Our application is responsive on your Ipad and also any other tablet deives!